World of Work Week

World of Work Week

 During World of Work week, we became political parties in our

co-op groups. The aim of the party was to protect children’s

rights and we planned on having an election at the end of the

week. We talked about the different skills that we would need to

be able to work together to create a name, logo and manifesto f

or our party. We decided that skills such as communication,

teamwork and creativity would be important. We also know that

we have to compromise when people have different ideas!


We focused on the right to an education and the right to healthcare. We talked about the ways that these rights might not be met such as in other countries where children might not have the chance to go to school and don’t have access to clean water making them ill. We came up with different ways that we could protect them and presented these to the class.


At the end of the week we had a vote to see which party would win the election. We had a secret ballot where you couldn’t vote for yourself. In the end Rights Queen, the party created by Amie, Tytus, Dylan and Serenity, won. They were very happy!