World of Work Week 2017

World of Work Week 2017

One of the favourite parts of our classroom is our 'hospital' role play area! 

We love dressing up and pretending to be doctors, nurse, surgeons and patients.

For World of Work Week we were very excited to have a visit from Doctor Taylor who taught us all about the job of a doctor.

He showed us lots of pictures of X-Rays and talked us through what he does in his job.

It was very interesting and at the end he answered lots of our questions and then let us shake hands with his friend Mr Skeleton!

Here are some photos of Dr Taylors visit...



We were also very lucky to have a visit from P.C Claire.

She spoke to us about her job and her uniform. There are lots of parts to it, we were very interested in her baton and were delighted to try on her hats.

She spoke to us about the dangers of speaking to strangers.


Thank you Dr Taylor and PC Claire for giving up your time to come and talk to us!