World of Work Week Visitor - Mrs Neil

World of Work Week Visitor - Mrs Neil

 World of Work Week

As our topic this term is ‘Charities’, we decided to invite Etta Neil in to talk to us about the amazing work she does with Glasgow City Mission.   On Wednesday the 4th November Mrs Neil visited our class to tell us firsthand, about this very worthwhile charity.


Mrs Neil told us that she does not get paid by the charity because she is a volunteer helper.  She has worked at Glasgow City Mission for three years and she explained that although parts of her job can be sad, they also have many good chats and lots of laughter.  She has a work of art by 'Mary' (known as pink Mary because she always wears pink!)

 She told us that she helps to feed the homeless every Monday and Thursday night. During the day there are many activities on for the homeless people to take part in.  At night there is always a big pot of soup on the go with square sausage in rolls for afters.   In addition to this, different companies donate food every weekday to help the charity feed the homeless.  Gregs donate cakes, Pret a Manger donate sandwiches and local hotels donate bedding and pillow cases.  Mrs Neil serves up the food and spends time chatting with the homeless people.   She explained that because they are homeless, they look dirty as they have no home to shower or to wash their clothes at and no bed to sleep on.  The streets of Glasgow are often very dirty and muddy.  Often a homeless person can be ignored and have no one speak to them for a whole day until they go to the Glasgow City Mission for their tea.   Mrs Neil and the other volunteers treat the homeless with respect; they listen to their troubles and try to help them by putting them in touch with other agencies.

Mrs Neil talked about the different people who have turned their lives around, such as Stacey and Archie (he slept with his Timberland boots on which where kindly donated by Mrs Neil) who now help others.  Often they don’t have any shoes because they get worn out or people steal them when they are sleeping.

This year there is a big Ibrox sleep out to raise money to keep the Winter Night Shelter open an extra month.  This year it opens on the 1st December and will stay open until the end of March so all the homeless can have a warm place to sleep.  They can also have a shower and the volunteers wash their clothes for them.

As a class we have decided to help Mrs Neil this year.  We are going to make Christmas cards and crackers for Mrs Neil to hand out to the homeless on Christmas morning as Mrs Neil is working at the night shelter every Thursday over the four months it is open.  It will be so lovely knowing we have helped cheer the homeless people up on Christmas morning as they never get anything at all.

Mrs Neil gave us each a chocolate Santa to thank us for making the Christmas cards and crackers so we can’t wait to eat them when all the hard work it done.  We will show you our wonderful efforts later...