To provide a safe, nurturing, stimulating and inclusive environment where all children can be curious, creative and explore all environments in a holistic way.  We encourage children to take risks, challenging themselves, to respect themselves, each other, their communities and environment. We will provide appropriate, responsive, differentiated, challenging learning experiences for all children to participate in, to enable all children to develop their capabilities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society.

Aspire, Respect, Achieve, Enjoy

Our Values

Our values are based on what we believe to be the important building blocks of a successful centre. We recognise the impact of early childhood experiences and value the rights and wellbeing of the children in our care. We recognise and value the contribution families can make to improve our service. By getting feedback from our parents/carers, allows us to reflect upon our practice, and evaluate our current practices. We work in partnership with other agencies and our communities to promote the welfare of our children.

Our Aims

  • S-SAFE- Be knowledgeable and respectful of all current nursery’s policies and procedures, ensuring these are being followed at all times to eliminate hazards to ensure we have the safest of environments for children to learn.
  • H-HEALTHY- To provide children with a healthy snack and lunch option daily, and opportunities to participate in different exercise activities both indoors and outdoors.
  • A-ACHIEVING- Provide children with an inspiring and stimulating environment for them to grow and learn, ensuring all children reach their full potential.
  • N-NURTURED- To provide an environment were all children feel safe, are listened to, where all their feelings and emotions are acknowledged.
  • A-ACTIVE- To provide children with exciting and stimulating experiences, both indoors and outdoors for all children to participate in.
  • R-RESPECTED- Continue to build positive relationships with all children, their parents and carers and extended community.
  • R-RESPONSIBLE- To encourage and support children’s independence, enabling our children to become confident and resilient individuals.
  • I-INCLUDED- Provide an inclusive learning environment where all individuals are given a voice and are listened to.