Building a Curriculum for Excellence

Clober Primary and Nursery Class have fully embraced Curriculum for Excellence philosophy within our teaching and learning.

The Curriculum for Excellence covers learning from 3 to 18 years, allowing seamless transition between our Nursery into Primary and from our Primary classes into Secondary. The new outcomes and experiences provide teachers with a greater autonomy and flexibility in their teaching.

A Curriculum for Excellence brings depth to children's learning through closer integration of subject areas, as well as highlighting the processes of learning through a more collaborative and active approach.

Children will still be taught core skills in numeracy and literacy together with the other subject areas traditionally covered, however, a stronger emphasis is placed on how they learn and how we can make the learning more meaningful.

Our aim is to equip children with skills for life long learning and we believe the Curriculum for Excellence philosophy will support us in equipping our learners to develop skills not just educational  but their future careers.

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